About Us


Our Story

 We were living in Snowmass Cotons so we named our kennel Old Snowmass Cotons. After studying the US Coton breed clubs we joined the American Coton Club because we believed in their mission and their breeding policies the best. All our Cotons passed their ACC health testing requirements so we were set to begin breeding when Colby was 2 years old 


Old Snowmass Cotons


I became involved in many Coton groups and organizations in my efforts to establish our Coton breeding program. By networking with other Coton de Tulear breeders it aided me tremendously in my learning process. After all these years I have passion for the breed and my dogs.  It's also important my dogs are allowed to be normal dogs who can run and play in grass, dig in dirt if they want and have a fun dog life.

Finding the best homes for my puppies is important.  I am careful to place puppies with families who best suit their temperaments. It is my philosophy that each puppy is meant to be with a certain person or family and it's my job to to find that unique and powerful connection for all my puppies. 


Farm Life


In the Summer of 2012 we moved out of the mountains to the high desert western Colorado. Here we live on 13 beautiful Coton acres with horses, cows, peacocks, chickens and other critters who come along.

Here is the perfect place for the Cotons. Big Mama even has a garden to grow organic veggies we were unable to grow in the higher elevation.We can sit out on our porch and watch the Cotons play in the beautiful sunshine with a gorgeous view of the Colorado National Monument.