New Puppy Supply List

- Wire, rattan or plastic crate for nightime sleeping. 17"x 23" is ideal. Mats/pads for the

bottom of crate.

- Plastic crate for the car

- Ex pen and/or baby gate

- Metal or ceramic food and water bowl

- Collar (for training), harness (for walks) and leash

- Fleece bed

- Donut Bed for naps

- Food, list of approved foods in puppy packet

- Toys

Chew toys such as Kong, Busy Buddie, etc

Fuzzy, squeeky toys

Interactive such as treat balls

Rope and tugging toys


Anything else that sounds fun, make sure they’re all made in USA.

- Blanket

- Chews, nothing made in China.

Rawhide ( can only give until they're 4 months or so)

Dog biscuits

Bully Sticks

Anything healthy

Training treats, keep on hand and body always

- ID tag or collar

- Comb (course and medium toothed) and Pin Brush

- Shampoo, conditioner and anti-static spray

- Eye cleaning pads for tear stains

- Pooper scooper and bags

- Pet neutalizer solution for accidents, such as Nature's Miracle

- "The Art of Raising a Puppy" by the Monks of New Skete

- Camera for all the pictures

- Nail clippers

- Potty pads

- Tooth brush and tooth paste

-“Big Gulpy” travelling water container